SB1474 Coverage

Senator Gould has re-introduced a gun bill to allow guns on campus,. SB1474.  A similiar bill was passed last year and vetoed by the Governor.  Senator Gould, with strong support from the NRA has “fixed the language” to remove Governor Brewer’s objection to the bill. 

Too bad the NRA and Senator Gould didn’t fix the language addressed by the law enforcement officers present; which as pointed out would allow for concealed shot guns and gym bags full of guns. 

Archived video from AZ Senate Judiciary Committee. The first 50 minutes is about the Repeal of Clean Elections. I’m the first witness on SB1474. Make SURE to pay attention at 1:30 when Law Enforcement begins to testify.

General Print Coverage

Laurie Roberts:

EJ Montini:

I posted this in response to EJ Montini’s column, wanted to share here regarding SB 1474 yesterday…

was present at the hearing yesterday. First, Senator Ron Gould did allow all (or at least almost all) who wanted to testify the opportunity to be heard. Kudos to Ron Gould for that. There are other Chairs who would not have allowed such testimony.

I spoke in opposition to the bill that was past in spite of OVERWHELMING testimony in opposition. The testimony of Law Enforcement was enlightening… As the bill stands, “gun” is not defined. LEOs pointed out that “gun” could mean a concealed shot gun or assault weapon and that a “gym bag full” of guns would be equally permissable. The committee agreed to the point. There was talk that the bill could be fixed before a final floor vote to narrow that.

With regard to CCW, testimony also brought forth the continued erosion in AZ of what qualifies for CCW training. Currently, it is permissible to take an on-line course and shoot a pellet gun at a range once to get one’s CCW. The testimony on CCW was lengthy. Indeed, this particular point caused Senator Yarbrough to vote in opposition to SB1474.

Broadcast interview with Brahm Resnik NBC 12

Broadcast coverage by  Navideh Forghani ABC 15

Broadcast Coverage by Jared Dillingham 3TV

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